Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nostalgia: Wellesley College

A recent viewing of Mona Lisa Smile has left a wave of nostalgia, a lust for vintage clothes, and a longing for retro Wellesley College. I was born in the wrong time. (Of course, I'm happy with the growing equality of today, and I hate all the misogynistic bullshit; plus the whole gay thing definitely wouldn't fly... ) I am too liberal for Wellesley in the 1950s, but it's fun to fantasize about a time before the internet and cell phones.

(Images via Vintage Seven Sisters)

I like imagine biking over to the train station with a bundle of flowers in my basket to meet my sweetheart. I'd be all gussied up, my hair freshly out of the curlers from the night before, wearing a fitted bold colored dress with a string of pearls. (Veganism be damned!) April would be so cute stepping off the train, surrounded by smoke, clutching a letter by yours truly written in elaborate cursive handwriting... Sigh.

It's strange to think about how differently women interacted with the world in the '50s. Information was gleaned so differently. No google. No instagram. One actually had to read books and newspapers to be learned.

Side note, I wish I could have experienced the art world of the time. Everything was so new, different, and exciting; abstract expressionism was at it's height!

There's a taste of this in Mona Lisa Smile. I find this film is absolutely enchanting. Perhaps it's because I am a woman's college graduate with an art history degree, but mainly because it is an incredible film.

Is there another time you should have been born in?


  1. Definitely in the early half of the 1900s. Musically it was incredibly diverse. Jazz was taking the world by storm. I also imagine I should have been born in France. Going everywhere by foot, bike or train. Spending my time in Provence. Weekend trips up to Paris. Le sigh....

  2. Meow! I want to live when the dinosaurs roamed!