Monday, May 7, 2012


(Your 5 senses right now.)
Blog Challenge

(Sight) Catching up on this week's RE-RECs on HitRECord. Miss Aimeecanto has some really beautiful records to share. Plus, it's super adorable when she says butthole. If you are not familiar with HitRECord, check it out because it's amazing.

(Sound) Listening to the Gramercy Riffs: Oh Linda! It warms my heart that this band got it's name from the 1979 cult classic The Warriors. All the best music comes from Canada and CBC Radio 3.

(Smell) Lighting Sunrise incense for inspiration.

(Taste) Drinking ginseng tea. I think everything tastes better out of my Little Red Riding Hood Teapot.

(Touch) Feeling the rhythm of journaling with a fountain pen. There is something very different about the texture of the words, almost like painting.

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