Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thirty Thrilling Exploits for 2012

I love making New Year's Resolutions. I look forward to it every year! This year I made a pretty little list and promptly posted it up on my bulletin board next to my desk.

I'm very happy with my resolutions, and, naturally, I'm going to stick to them faithfully! But after seeing a fellow blogger her list of "Thirty Fabulous Fun Goals for 2012," I felt inspired to make my own list of FUN projects and plans for 2012.

Thirty Thrilling Exploits for 2012!
1. Take an exciting trip to CHICAGO
2. Plant an herb garden
3. Build a kite and fly it over the ocean
4. Make a puppet
5. Paint en plein air
6. Attend a music festival
7. Make fabric covered headboard
8. Bake vegan cupcakes
9. Build up courage to send a story out for publication
10. Go strawberry picking
11. Take my baby to Key West to visit Robert the Haunted Doll
12. Make a lino-cut stamp
13. Create original embroidery design
14. Paint bathroom a bright and happy color
15. Day trip to the new Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete
16. Visit a local farm and buy eggs directly from the chicken!
17. Go camping
18. Write a song with my ukulele
19. Volunteer at the Humane Society as a Kitty Cuddler
20. Yarn bomb!
21. Have a Little Dresses for Africa party
22. Write a puppet show
23. Create an eye-popping photo display
24. Make an origami bird mobile
25. Wear a handmade bow in my hair
26. Host an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
27. Buy a vintage typewriter
28. Take a sewing class
29. Build a fort
30. Create handmade Christmas cards

Please tell me about your creative plans for 2012!

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