Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sex, Love, and White Sangria

I found these images in the 1953 Randolph-Macon Woman's College yearbook. I love them. So enigmatic and creepy.

I wanted to say something about my beautiful girlfriend, April. We have been together almost a year, but it's still difficult for me to speak openly about our relationship. Primarily because the first thing one thinks about upon discovering my sexual orientation is sex. I find it invasive. When I was in more conventional relationships the last thing I had to discuss was my sex life, at least not in causal conversation.

This has been especially tough when I've tried speak honestly with my parents about the fact that I love women... My mother has been very opposed to my choice to be with a woman. She has forcefully stated she would never be able to accept it and refused to acknowledge April's presence.

However, I am happy to report we've had a bit of a breakthrough. Yesterday, my parents invited April and I to lunch. We sat down on the patio of Columbia Restaurant where it was sunny and cool. Aided by white sangria and intoxicated by the gorgeous day, mom seemed to forget that April was my lover and treated her like a human being. We laughed over Lady Poopington's most recent antics; we diagnosed the fungal infections found in my brother's pet rats, and we gawked mom's ambitious list of marathons she plans to run this year. It was a remarkable civil afternoon.

I don't except this to have cured my mother of her homophobia, but I am relieved she has finally looked April in the eye! Without glaring! So, yay?

Who else loves being gay?


  1. I so love being gay. :) It definitely has its rough patches and it comes with a bag full of inequalities, but knowing I was a lesbian since I was 5, it has formed so much of my identity and growth as a human being. And the LGBTQ culture is so rich. I love it! :)

    - This is Emelina. :)

  2. I couldn't imagine my life if I were anything but queer. I love my life and who I'm surrounded by.